WarmMark Duo

The WarmMark Duo temperature indicators are single use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of any above temperature deviation allowing you to make smarter decisions across the cold chain.

The WarmMark Duo temperature indicators are ascending time temperature indicators that alert users of exposure to unacceptably high temperature conditions and indicates the duration of temperature exposure at two different activation temperature levels, 10°C and 34°C in the one indicator.

WarmMark Duo window run out times

Run-Out Time*
Window 1Window 2Window 3Window 4
10°C3 days 8 days 14 days
34°CWithin 30 mins

* Run-out times are based on a 2°C excursion above the response temperature. Readings are affected by the severity of the temperature excursion.
Higher temperatures will cause run-out to occur faster than stated.


  • Dual Threshold Time/Temperature indicator
  • Provides irreversible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions
  • Field armable with pull tab
  • Helps verify the adequacy of packaging
  • Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Provides cost-effective monitoring for last mile shipments
  • Enables easy accept/reject decisions
  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Black stripes show the product is armed


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Diagnostics
  • Vaccines
  • Biologics
  • Test kits
  • Test Specimens
  • Chemicals
  • Paint


Indication Type
Visual, irreversible white to red colour change in the activation window
Activation Method
Manual Pull-tab
Activation Temperature Levels
10°C and 34°C
Temperature Accuracy
Run Out Time
See WarmMark Duo Run out times table for details
Product Life
2 years from the date of sale
Mounting Method
Pressure-sensitive adhesive
Storage Conditions
Store in a cool dark environment, below the response temperature of the indicator; 35-55% RH
98.1 x 19 x 1.5mm