When a piece of critical equipment fails it can bring an entire operation to a halt and drive significant downtime and repair costs. Pumps, compressors, and other equipment vital to oil and gas exploration can be damaged during the transportation process or through the wear and tear of use in harsh environments. ShockWatch can help you gain visibility to potential damage caused by the transport of equipment or warning signs that equipment needs maintenance to avoid the heavy costs of failure. Impact monitoring devices like SpotBot Cellular, ShockLog Satellite, and ShockLog 298 provide insight into potential damage experienced during the logistics process. These products can help operators identify and inspect potential damage to compressor skids before they are put into use. This avoids the significant costs related to running a damaged piece of equipment. OpsWatch vibration monitoring system provides continuous communication in real-time via Wi-Fi to alert users when a piece of equipment will fail, days before it happens. In an industry demanding progress, downtime is the enemy.


E-commerce has exploded in the last decade, but it has also arrived with its own set of issues. If a consumer orders a product online and it arrives damaged, the quality and reputation of the manufacturer are questioned. Products returned drive up warranty costs, and a poor customer experience leaves a lasting image in the mind of the consumer, ultimately reducing the chance of repeat orders. The product was perfect when shipped, so it must have been the shipping company. ShockDot and ShockWatch 2 impact indicators are highly visible devices which activate when an impact exceeds a predetermined level. TiltWatch tilt indicators detect unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright. When these indicators are used, the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling.

When placed on a package, these devices visually alert everyone involved in the handling process that additional care is required.


Equipment used for power generation is usually enormous, expensive and usually shipped over great distances. Power transformers can weigh nearly 400 tons and cost anywhere between $3-11 million. If one was damaged during transport, finding and shipping a replacement unit would become quite an expensive exercise.

The replacement usually takes several months due to the long production and transportation cycles. The ShockWatch range of ShockLog impact recorders, including ShockLog 298, ShockLog Cellular, ShockLog Satellite, and the new SpotBot Cellular (with real-time tracking) will allow you to monitor your cargo and avoid a potentially disastrous situation.


The biggest culprit of downtime in the mining industry is moving parts with a limited lifespan. When mining equipment used for excavation and material handling fails, it’s starts costing valuable time and tonnes of money. ShockWatch’s OpsWatch WiFi impact and vibration recorders alert you of equipment vibrations that are outside of the normal range, and stream condition-based data to your central operations via WiFi or ethernet. In such noisy environments, communication between mobile machinery and pedestrians is vital. The ShockWatch Intelligent Proximity Alert System by KIGIS is designed to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and moving vehicles on your worksite. Using the latest Ultrawide Band (UWB) technology, it precisely measures the distance between vehicles and pedestrians and ensures a highly reliable collision warning system.

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Many chemicals are required to be stored and transported in temperature-controlled environments. Once subjected to conditions outside their normal temperature range, they can be rendered ineffective. Exposure to high or low temperatures for an extended period of time can be visually monitored by affixing a temperature indicator to the container, like the ShockWatch WarmMark. For an ongoing record of the chemical temperature conditions, a device like the LOG-IC temperature recorder is a more suitable solution. SpotBot BLE provides a history of temperature, humidity, impact, tilt and roll. For real-time monitoring of chemicals in shipment and storage, SpotBot Cellular will send you notifications when your chemical is out of an acceptable temperature range, in addition to alerts for impact, tilt and roll.


In noisy environments like construction, communication between mobile machinery and pedestrians is vital. The ShockWatch Intelligent Proximity Alert System by KIGIS is designed to reduce the risk of collision between pedestrians and moving vehicles on your worksite. Using the latest Ultrawide Band (UWB) technology, it precisely measures the distance between vehicles and pedestrians and ensures a highly reliable collision warning system.

A broken piece of equipment can translate to thousands of dollars in associated costs. ShockWatch’s OpsWatch Wifi real-time vibration recorders provide monitoring of critical equipment in your operation and are the best way to prevent downtime.

Precisely-calibrated equipment like laser levels can be easily misaligned on construction sites. ShockWatch Clip impact indicators are tamperproof devices that turn bright red to indicate mishandling. These impact indicators can be mounted directly to products to understand the conditions experienced by the product even when it is outside protective packaging.

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As the COVID vaccine starts shipping around the world, now is the time, more than ever, to ensure COVID-19 vaccine temperature monitoring is in place during shipping so it’s known that all doses administered meet efficacy standards so the patient is protected. Our COVID-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Indicators gives you all the information you need being the duration and time of a specific temperature exposure. Blood, medicine and vaccines can be susceptible to temperature damage in the cold chain. With the huge growth in the number of temperature-controlled healthcare products being shipped and particuliarly now with the COVID-19 Vaccine rollouts, the Timestrip PLUS and WarmMark range of indicators offers invaluable visual aids to logistics companies when in transit and doctors, patients and healthcare workers when in storage and when ready for us. The ShockWatch single-use Blood Temp indicator is specifically designed to monitor the core temperature of a blood bag. When a more detailed record of the shipment’s temperature data is required, a temperature recorder like LOG-IC can be used, even when the product is being shipped in dry ice. Where previously it may have been necessary to rely on hand-written notes of dates and times, easy-to-read Timestrip Time indicators can prompt nurses or patients themselves when repeat doses or dressing or cannula changes are due. This is particularly useful in helping hospital staff to comply with infection control procedures.


Equipment for the medical industry is extremely sensitive and susceptible to damage during shipment. Photomultiplier tubes used in industrial hygiene monitors, for example, use glass vacuum tube constructions that may break if the device is dropped or jolted. Hospital equipment may experience similar failures when used in environments like mobile field hospitals or during air evacuations due to vibrations and inertial forces experienced during flight. SpotBot Cellular impact monitoring system is the best solution for sensitive medical equipment under 27,000kg. Real-time notifications are sent for any unacceptable impact, temperature, tilt and roll conditions. For larger medical equipment (over 27,000kg), ShockLog 298 is a more suitable impact recorder, and to receive real-time impact alerts, upgrade to the ShockLog Cellular.

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Without proper handling, dairy products, meat, and produce are always susceptible to waste. The best way to reduce waste in the food supply chain is with temperature indicators, recorders, and monitors. WarmMark is a precise, cost-effective, single-use temperature indicator which provides irreversible, auditable proof of when a shipment’s temperature has been above an unacceptable level and for how long. If a more detailed report is required, a temperature recorder like LOG-IC provides a complete log of the shipment’s data. The ShockWatch SpotBot Cellular with real-time temperature alarming is perfect if instant reporting is required when a food shipment’s temperature is unacceptable and could cause it to spoil. The trip’s history along with alarm location is visualised on the SpotSee Cloud.

In a storage warehouse environment, the combination of pedestrians and forklift drivers is always a challenge. Once you add doorways and blindspots, that can become a bigger problem. Pedestrian alert and collision avoidance systems reduce the risk of accidents and potential product damage.


On-time delivery is a standard requirement from all shipping companies, but these days customers also demand tracking of the shipment’s journey. Data information such as location, impact, temperature and tilt helps customers identify and select the most suitable transportation, routes, packaging, storage, and delivery conditions for their supply chain. The ShockWatch SpotBot Cellular impact monitoring device delivers real-time monitoring of all this data though cellular connectivity and features visualisations on the SpotSee Cloud web-based platform. During transit, temperatures can vary dramatically. The cargo hold of an aircraft can be colder than you planned. Your product may encounter unexpected delays and be stored in less than ideal conditions. ColdMark temperature indicators provide a cost-effective tool for monitoring the temperature of your package. These single-use devices provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a below threshold deviation.

In fast-paced shipping docks, the mix of pedestrians and forklift drivers is always a challenge. When you include blindspots and doorways, the combination can become a problem. Proximity alert systems reduce the risk of collisions and accidents.

Supply chain transparency has never been simpler.


When a customer rents heavy equipment, it’s best to expect the worst. Reports have shown an increase in damage and theft to rental equipment over the last several years, however, there are simple solutions to monitor what has exactly happened. The ShockWatch SpotBot Cellular impact and location monitor provides a rental company with information on their equipment when it’s in someone else’s possession. Through the SpotSee Cloud software, real-time notifications are provided on when and where the equipment is being subjected to potentially damaging conditions. SpotBot BLE data-logger records a complete trip history which can be downloaded into a phone app via Bluetooth once the equipment is returned. Eliminate the risk from the equipment rental business plan.


From manufacturing process equipment to commercial kitchen appliances to high-end consumer electronics. No matter where they are on the spectrum, they are subject to hidden damage during transport. Once equipment shows up for the installation and is found damaged, the whole project falls behind schedule. The manufacturing line can’t build products, the restaurant can’t be opened. Companies have reduced their shipping damage by as much as 70% by employing ShockWatch solutions. The line of impact and tilt indicators are simple solutions that drive accountability in the supply chain. When a shipment is being monitored for mishandling, handlers are more careful. Simple.